Friday, February 20, 2009

I Get E-Mail!

Come on, put a little effort into it! "rgds"???

SUBJECT: claim info
FROM: ""

Your email ID has been awarded 1million EUR,Reply to:

Alice Messenger ;-) chatti anche con gli amici di Windows Live Messenger e tutti i telefonini TIM!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Get E-Mail!

I get another offer to do something illegal, this time from Malaysia. PROTIP: If you are sending out email scams, try to have the sender's name match the sending email address.

Greeting To You My Good Friend

Jason Koh

Dear Friend, [The first portent (Well, really, the second, eh?), I HAVE no friends! (Actually, I do, but it is something I have affected in order create a sympathetic persona. But I digress...]

Compliments of the season and my best wishes to you, I apologize if the contents here under are contrary to your moral ethics, but please treat with absolute secrecy and personal.

My name is Mr. Jason Koh, I'm a Singaporean and a seasoned Banker with Malaysia HSBC Bank (Malaysia office), am as well an account officer to a deceased customer of our bank, we lost this customer in the tsunami disaster on the 26th December 2004 in Sumatra Indonesia. and his account of US$19.761 million with us have been unclaimed due to unavailability of next of kin/relatives to claim his estate.

In accordance with the escheat laws ["Es cheat", indeed!] in Malaysia as a kingdom, the board of directors of the bank met forth night ago and resolved to turn the estate of the deceased over to Government having waited for too long without the deceased relatives/next of kin surfacing property and if this is done, invariably, the funds will end up to become Government property and it is as a result of this that [I] am moved to contact you considering the fact that you share almost the same name with the deceased. And what name would that be, eh?

In view of this, I am seeking your cooperation and understanding to stand as the deceased next of kin to enable us claim the inheritance before the period given by the bank elapse. If you are interested and in agreement with me, get back to me quickly and I will send to you all our bank contacts and the information you may need to proceed without coming to Malaysia, and be rest assured that it is risk free project and the proceedings will be shared 50% each once the fund are repatriated into your account anywhere in the world. I will not settle for less that 53 percent, sir!

Please reply immediately with your information including your telephone number for easy communication and oral discussion.

I await your prompt response immediately.

Best Regards.

Jason koh. And capitalize your last name, Jason! Be proud! You are a person!