Sunday, May 31, 2009

Did/Not Did

I filled up the vehicle with gas and put a hundred miles on it today... a drive to the east. I have never done that before, in my entire life. I also put new windshield wipers on.

The Border Patrol checkpoint on the 8 has a big board listing their achievements at that station.

I drove a Lake Murray guy to Big Lots so he could buy some jumper cables, then I gave him a jump.


The library in La Mesa doesn't open till one on Sunday.
There are a lot of helpful employees at Home Depot.
Guys in full kit riding a bicycle with safety brake levers just look silly.
It was fairly sunny in the east, but very overcast in the west.
Assuming I had the skills, which I don't, if I had to write for a living in this house, I'd go MAD!
Sisal rope is more dear than one would think.
Pete Dexter has a unique public speaking manner. And he write good!
Not everyone is aware that batteries generate hydrogen gas. Think Hindenburg!

Pictures I Want To Take:

The foreign car repair place over by Home Depot.
The interesting old truck on Normal.
Antennas on house near freeway on Los Coches Road.
Lady do leg stretches at lake after walking, while talking on cell phone.