Saturday, July 28, 2007

Shark Attack!

I hear tell there is a great white shark off the coast of Great Britain.

The Sun, a newspaper renown for its veracity, has an article (with pics!), with a sidebar by James Orr of useful tips on avoiding shark attack.

Here be a couple of them:

"NEVER urinate in your wetsuit or the ocean — sharks can detect it from five miles away and will think you’re a fish in distress, a ready-made meal."

"DON’T clap your hands and bark like a seal. Great Whites often attack humans after mistaking them for their favourite meal."

Go read the article:

And remember, don't bark like a seal, kids...

Friday, July 27, 2007

Just Testin' Something Here

Just ignore this.

Cutty Sark test

Now this:

2007July26misc 007

Ok, I think I see. I can see the big images on zooomr, but YOU can't. I CAN post a link to the big image, or I COULD copy and paste the html code from zooomr. Huh.

Interestingly, the giant image is all there in the blog preview, but in the actual post it is cut off.

Whoops, just noticed, when I log off zooomr I CAN'T get to the big image through the link!!

But the html code cut and past still is ok. I guess you would see the whole picture if it was like, man, in a regular ol' web page or somethin'.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Out and About

I ran over to the store yesterday. Well, FIRST I went to the library and checked out some reading material. The second book of the Gregor The Overlander series, and a Harlan Corben book, as I heard him on the radio the other day. There were a lot of books in the freebie bins, and I picked out a Theodore Sturgeon title I don't remember reading, and I'm too lazy to go see what it is right now.

Then I went to the store.

Got my stuff. Hauled it out to the vehicle in a shopping cart.

Now, you know me, I have two store "habits":
  • I park as far away from the store as possible.
  • I take a cart from near where I parked when I go INTO the store, and that balances the cart I leave there. At the cart corral, I mean!
But I digress...

I saw a lady with a full arm cast having some trouble with her cart, but I didn't offer to help her. But I DID think about it! I followed her as she left the parking lot in her Jeep Cherokee. She was having trouble turning the steering wheel, what with the cast.

And her cigarette.

Yes, I said cigarette.

The lady with the giant cast on her arm was trying to drive while smoking!


Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunday Morning

Junk science? Sounds like it to me!
"If the mother is eating Cheetos and white bread, the fetus will be born with those taste buds. If the mother is eating carrots and oatmeal, the child will be born with those taste buds," said Robert Trevino at the Social and Health Research Center in San Antonio, Texas.

I checked out their website (that is, the Social and Health Research Center), they seem to be doing good work, but that quote sure seems weird!

Of course, you will want to read the Fark! comments thread on this article.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sad Note

I watched a show about the Grand Canyon last night. It's been a fantasy of mine to hike it. I looked up the depth, it's about FOUR ascents (is that up and back?) of Cowles Mountain, near as I can figure.

Anyway, I looked up Colin Fletcher, to see what he was up to, and found out he died last month, that would be June, 2007.

I read Mr. Fletcher's book The Complete Walker about a zillion times. It was very inspiring, although I never actually WENT camping, for various reasons. I loved to read his opinions on equipment and philosophy of hiking. I also read The Thousand Mile Summer (hiking the length of California) and The Man Who Walked Through Time (hiking the length of the Grand Canyon).

(Gee, I just killed this post by closing the tab accidentally, thank goodness for Blogspot autosave!!)