Monday, March 31, 2008

I Need Some Chow!

It IS Audrey Jr.!!!

2008MAR31Misc 002
(Why is the guy out of focus?)

This is the high point of my creativity for the week. I wouldn't read any more posts till next week, if I was YOU!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


I was making tea this morning. While heating the water in the fabulous Sunbeam Hot Shot I poured dry milk powder in the cup, for some reason thinking I was having breakfast. I debated tossing it, but then thought back to the many English books and television shows I've seen. "Milk?", they often ask. Ok, I'll try it. Not bad!

2008MAR30Misc 001

Spring is popping out, especially noticeable after the little sprinkle we had last night.

2008MAR30Misc 009

Is that a sunflower, or is it Audrey Jr.?

I think these are the marigolds I'm growing from last year's saved seeds.

2008MAR30Misc 011

Ring about the daiseys! A ring of Gazanias around African daisies, with sunflower seeds hopefully growing in there somewhere! The mostly useless snail board sits off to one side.

Speaking of, I have been putting those iron phosphate snail killer pellets out, in deference to the the neighbor lady's turtles. I was down at Armstrong Nursery yesterday, looking for a watering can, which I couldn't find reasonably at Home Depot, Armstrong, or Target, but I digress...Armstrong DID have decollate snails. Unfortunately, I been using those pellets, so I have to wait three weeks at least before I can put out those snails. I really want to try them, but I fear they will be gone from the store before then. I COULD order them from Mary's GoodSnails, but you know how I am about this internet stuff...

Friday, March 28, 2008

What's Cups, Doc?

A little comparison of cups:

The ALA coffee cup holds a little LESS than 1 ¼ cups, 9 fluid ounces it looks like.

2008Mar28 003

The Shh, I'm Reading cup holds a little MORE than 1 ¼ cups, very nearly 10 fluid ounces.

2008Mar28 002

The UC San Diego coffee cup holds OVER 2 cups, I would say 18 or 19 fluid ounces. The measuring cup is FULL to the BRIM!

2008Mar28 004
(Did you note how Pyrex® is plastered all over the Corning product, while Anchor-Hocking goes for a more restrained look?)

The measuring cup holds, as you probably guessed, 2 cups of beverage.

So that makes the UC San Diego cup the CLEAR WINNER!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Of Glass, And Measuring Cups, And Teeth

My jaw seems to have picked up a nice click, what with all the dental work the last couple of weeks. Had a tooth ground off today and the temp crown laboriously attached.

But on to other things...

Most people are familiar with Pyrex®, a product of Corning Inc. since 1915. It has almost become a generic term for glass cookware, which I am sure their lawyers strive mightily to counteract! My mother always had Pyrex® cooking ware, and so that is what I grew up with.

When I went to the store to purchase a new, big, measuring cup, all they had was the unfamiliar, weird-looking, Anchor Hocking brand. Never heard of it. Didn't buy it, didn't trust the odd blue lettering.

Well, I couldn't find a Pyrex® measuring cup easily, so eventually I purchased the blue thing. I've had it quite a few years now, and it worked just fine, as a measuring cup, a cocoa mug, and lately, as a tea mug.

2008Mar19cup 001

Closeup of the arcane symbols on the bottom of the measuring cup.

2008Mar19cupbottom 002

Anchor Hocking seems to be promoting red lettering on their measuring cups now. Maybe to confuse the confused consumer? Surely not!

Now that I've the BIG UCSD mug (see yesterday's post), I can retire this puppy to its rightful use.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

One of my admirers and/or readers, apparently not comfortable with my choice of an Anchor Hocking measuring cup as a tea mug 2007Dec26Tea 004 , has sent me a replacement:

2008Mar18cupandsunglasses 001

A mighty UC San Diego coffee mug!

How about that? Many thanks!

Also, observe the discovered Bike Nashbar Osprey sunglasses, in a delicious shade of chocolate brown. Yummy!

Finished Dead Heat, by Dick Francis, this morning. From it I learned how to fool a mare into thinking it is preggers, but more importantly, I learned that kidney beans can make you VERY sick if not cooked enough. I did not know that, as Peg might say. More information here and here and here.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cookies Redux

Found a bit about Linda of Linda's Cookies here.

2008Mar07Library 005

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A pleasant break is to have a cup of coffee and a chocolate chip cookie, warm from the, well, it must be a warming oven, as the baker seems to be in Buena Vista, where ever that is!

2008Mar07Library 007
Please forgive the big picture, it just looks better that way!

I'm not the only one who likes them, lil lady says, "12.Im upsessed with the cookies at my school (Linda's cookies)."

Can't find any info. about the cookies or the company on the 'net, must be doing SOMETHING wrong. I would like to know the carb count on these puppies...