Saturday, September 29, 2007

Coming Loose

It was a bit windy the other day, I suppose it was just too much for this insulator.


Or at least, the wood into which it was screwed. There are two more insulators up there, the Gas & Electric guy just fastened the service drop to one of them, but he said they were a bit loose too, so he thought the 2x4 they are screwed into should be replaced.

It was entertaining listening to the upstairs guy trying to explain to the building manager (on speaker phone) what the problem was. She didn't seem to be getting it. The Gas & Electic guy showed up within a few minutes, probably a half-hour, so someone must have made it sound like an emergency.

It's been kind of bummer week. Two people have passes away that I know. One was WAY too young, the other, well, older than me, but still. Heck of a nice guy. Life just seems cruel, sometimes, but then, that's life, I guess.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Big Eyes

Here's something to freak you out, and mess up the blog formatting for a while...

(You may have to right-click and choose "View Image" to enjoy the fullness)
(If I had a Macintosh, I would put Mac-specific instructions here. But, I don't.)

2007Sept20misc 004

Feel free to use it as your desktop image!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gar. Da. Tu.

Spent two hours trying to find out what that movie was, with the blonde guy holding something up, that was on television Sunday night, that I only saw a few minutes of.

One would think one could just set the date back a couple days on the TV Guide Listings. Oh, no.

No no no no.

You would be mistaken! It only goes back to yesterday.

Thank you so much!

Nice thing about a print edition, it doesn't disappear a couple days later.

Unless the dog eats it.

Finally found the week's movie listing, in .pdf format, on the Onion Tribunal website, SignOn San Diego. Had to text search for "Sun.", but eventually something looked likely.

It was Momento (wiki ariticle, in case you missed the movie.)

But then, YOU knew that!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Rememberance Of Things Past

I once had an Honda XL250. A nice, sturdy bike. Ran well, once I replaced the wrong carb some guy had stuck on it with the correct, stock, one.

Honda XL250

The big plastic gas tank was a selling point for me when I bought this, as was the Preston Petty front fender.

The lad commented, on seeing this pic, that I haven't lost much more hair since then. But I HAVE lost some weight! Probably stoped wearing jeans around then, too.

The trusty bike broke down one day on the way to work. I parked it, LOCKED, it was gone when I came back after work. I went home to report it to the San Diego police, but since I don't LIVE in San Diego, I had to drive back to San Diego so they would take a report. Is that screwy?

I got it back a year later. The police caught the neighborhood kids who had stolen it. It was all beat up, and a footpeg bolt was broken off in the frame. The kids had to pay restitution, but since I had just priced replacement parts, and not actually had a shop estimate replacing the footpeg bolt, I didn't get much. I broke off a bolt remover in the bolt, so I never did get it out.

Honda XL 250 Broken Bolt

I eventually sold it to two guys from Imperial Beach, for a pittance.

Story of my life!