Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Get E-Mail!

I just love the name "Precious". I recall a fellow in Basic Training who's back-home nickname turned out to be "Precious". Wasn't that fun when the D.I. discovered that! Guess what his military nickname became?

Back to the email, hey, I didn't know they had the intarwebs in refugee camps! What else do they have, running hot and cold water?

Ivory Coast
Email: pcdeba@live.fr

Dear Friend,

my name is Miss Precious Deba and am the only surviving
child of my parents who died in one of the mugabe's crazy
land reforms
crises in zimbabwe.

i am contacting you not only because of my sympathetic
situation but also for your advise/help in the management of
an inherited funds worth of us$8.5m(eight million, five
hundred thousand dollars).

the funds in question was deposited with a private security
firm here in abidjan-Ivory coast by my late father.

i decided to leave my country(zimbabwe) for security reasons
as well as to increase my search for a reliable person who
can help me reform my life which is in shambles at the
and having found your contact on the internet business page,
i hope you will not let me down or betray me at the end of
the day.

i am ready to compensate your much needed assistance as we
will agree when i get your nod of acceptance.

i will wait hopefully for your urgent and confidential
response as i assure you that it is a risk free transaction.


Pecious Deba
please reply to : pcdeba@live.fr

Hey, you misspelled your own name there, Pecious!
And get your shift key fixed, it seems to have an intermittent!

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