Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yet Another Scam

Got a CASHIER'S CHECK for $1,271.02 (TWO CENTS!) in the mail today from STAR Marketing in Los Alamitos. A legitimate company, according to the web site I Googled. I had to Google it because there was no URL on the letter.

It says I've been selected as a NEW CANDIDATE to be a Mystery Shopper! Uh huh.

It says (I have to call them for details, of course. It's a 760 area code in SoCal.) I get to evaluate Western Union by sending $945.00 to someone. I get to keep $200.00! Wow! All that money for so little work! What a deal!

I Googled the phone number (with the word 'scam') and I find the SAME phone number used for a scam in Poway (California) with a DIFFERENT company. Interesting.

Oh, and the letter has a Canadian stamp on it.

So many clues that it is a TOTAL SCAM, as if anyone had a doubt!

I hope STAR Marketing put a disclaimer on their website that they have nothing to do with this scam. It can not be good for their business to be linked to dishonesty by these scammers.

They (the scammers) sure did a good job on the letter and check, though.

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Mumbles said...

Wow, I've never gotten a real, live snail mail letter from the scammers! You must be super-special, and I'm sure it's totally legit! I love the spam--I have a an email account special for it, and my son and I read these masterpieces with great joy! He now knows where Benin and DRC are, is developing a fine eye for BS, and his "wow, what awful grammar" skills have sharpened dramatically! I enjoyed reading, I hope you write more!