Sunday, July 22, 2007

Out and About

I ran over to the store yesterday. Well, FIRST I went to the library and checked out some reading material. The second book of the Gregor The Overlander series, and a Harlan Corben book, as I heard him on the radio the other day. There were a lot of books in the freebie bins, and I picked out a Theodore Sturgeon title I don't remember reading, and I'm too lazy to go see what it is right now.

Then I went to the store.

Got my stuff. Hauled it out to the vehicle in a shopping cart.

Now, you know me, I have two store "habits":
  • I park as far away from the store as possible.
  • I take a cart from near where I parked when I go INTO the store, and that balances the cart I leave there. At the cart corral, I mean!
But I digress...

I saw a lady with a full arm cast having some trouble with her cart, but I didn't offer to help her. But I DID think about it! I followed her as she left the parking lot in her Jeep Cherokee. She was having trouble turning the steering wheel, what with the cast.

And her cigarette.

Yes, I said cigarette.

The lady with the giant cast on her arm was trying to drive while smoking!


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