Monday, August 27, 2007

Too Wierd

I don't like to post stuff I've seen on Fark, 'cause, you should be there yourself, lazy!

But I can't resist this.

Wedding Dress Weirdness --

Trash The Dress

Brides Buy TWO Dresses

My wedding, as it were, cost, maybe, 50 bucks. But I'm known for being exceptionally frugal (read-CHEAP!).

How much did YOU spend? Did you get two dresses? Did you BURN them afterwards. And, if not, what DID you do with that white dress?

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blackderby said...

Dad, you know I only spent the $500 you gave me on a wedding dress! I can see why someone would consider getting two dresses, to be traditional for the ceremony and be able to move naturally at the reception. Good thing I only had to go to the little girls' room once!