Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Rememberance Of Things Past

I once had an Honda XL250. A nice, sturdy bike. Ran well, once I replaced the wrong carb some guy had stuck on it with the correct, stock, one.

Honda XL250

The big plastic gas tank was a selling point for me when I bought this, as was the Preston Petty front fender.

The lad commented, on seeing this pic, that I haven't lost much more hair since then. But I HAVE lost some weight! Probably stoped wearing jeans around then, too.

The trusty bike broke down one day on the way to work. I parked it, LOCKED, it was gone when I came back after work. I went home to report it to the San Diego police, but since I don't LIVE in San Diego, I had to drive back to San Diego so they would take a report. Is that screwy?

I got it back a year later. The police caught the neighborhood kids who had stolen it. It was all beat up, and a footpeg bolt was broken off in the frame. The kids had to pay restitution, but since I had just priced replacement parts, and not actually had a shop estimate replacing the footpeg bolt, I didn't get much. I broke off a bolt remover in the bolt, so I never did get it out.

Honda XL 250 Broken Bolt

I eventually sold it to two guys from Imperial Beach, for a pittance.

Story of my life!

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