Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Beat Out

Driving home from the grocery store, I was dismayed to be beat off the line by a Prius!!!

One of those funny-looking cars with the funny looking wheels.

One of those cars that I asked my son about, "What is that pimped-out looking thing?"

I get funny looks from him...

So Mr. Prius is in the lane on my right, zooms ahead by 100 feet, suddenly zooms left two lanes, only turning on his signal when he is already over lane, just like an SUV driver.

Then he turns into a left-hand turn lane (to Costco), THEN zooms back out in front of me, apparently having decided he WASN'T a Costco member at this time.

Or something.

But he DID have the turn signal this time.

So then he turns left at the NEXT intersection, which is a two lane turning left deal. Naturally, he gets into the inside lane, the short line.

The lane I'm not in.

And naturally, after the left and half-way up the hill, he cuts over into my lane, only he's about ten cars in front me by now.

I guess being ecologically-minded doesn't make one less of a weenie.


Sad Driver said...

The electric motors in the Prius gives it awesome low-end torque, so don't feel bad if it out-zooms you off the line. Besides it's small and light.

Matthew Fedder said...

By the way that is me. I added in that alias when I was posting to the Hyundai usenet group.