Saturday, September 29, 2007

Coming Loose

It was a bit windy the other day, I suppose it was just too much for this insulator.


Or at least, the wood into which it was screwed. There are two more insulators up there, the Gas & Electric guy just fastened the service drop to one of them, but he said they were a bit loose too, so he thought the 2x4 they are screwed into should be replaced.

It was entertaining listening to the upstairs guy trying to explain to the building manager (on speaker phone) what the problem was. She didn't seem to be getting it. The Gas & Electic guy showed up within a few minutes, probably a half-hour, so someone must have made it sound like an emergency.

It's been kind of bummer week. Two people have passes away that I know. One was WAY too young, the other, well, older than me, but still. Heck of a nice guy. Life just seems cruel, sometimes, but then, that's life, I guess.

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