Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I mentioned the Hydrox thing to a couple of people. One said Hydrox was the inferior version of Oreos. I was outraged! The other said that Hydrox was the superior cookie. Greats minds, eh?

There was something quite interesting in Time magazine (January 28, 2008) this week that I was going to mention, but now I can't remember what it was, and can't find it. So much for the great mind...

I was listening to the KGB this afternoon while driving home. The Lou Reed song "Walk On The Wild Side" came on. Oddly, there was a skip in the song right where "that phrase" is. You know the one. They've been playing this song for, what, twenty years, and now have decided to censor it? I think that's just wrong. Don't play it at all, if you think it has inappropriate lyrics, is what I say. Don't cut the freaking song!

I always wondered why they would play that song, and not "Heroin", which is a better song, and is totally not pro-drug, unlike that stupid "Cocaine" song which gets endless air play. Unless one is so alienated it probably wouldn't matter much, anyway. It's certainly not the " Hither come and suck a pipe, turn thy brains to cheese and tripe!." sort of hippy-happiness.

To digress, the only time I've ever heard "Heroin" on the air was on Radio Netherlands on short-wave (Is there a regulation about how many times one can use "on" in a sentence?). I would provide you with the date and time, and decade, but I am too lazy to go out to the chilly garage and dig out the log book, which is not actually a book, but a clipboard of paper sheets.

Anyway, I blame everything, yes everything, on that Jackson woman.

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