Thursday, January 24, 2008

Zoom zoom

Zooomr is moving to Japan, so no images can be uploaded.

So, visualize a pic of a distorted barcode HERE.

Best I can figure, someone stomped on it with a stiletto-heel shoe and ground it around a bit. The lamination over the barcode seems to have shifted around a bit, but the lower level of print stayed put. I've never seen anything like it. These are what I think are called photocomposed barcodes. They looked like they are "printed" on photographic paper, and are quite sturdy, as compared to something I might whip out on the laser printer using label stock. Like I implied, this barcode was on an I.D. type (and yet not) of card that was hot-laminated.

Music for the day, in the vehicle, was Disraeli Gears. I swear there was a scent of patchouli oil in the air! Or maybe just the Fresh Mountain Scent of my laundry detergent...

Speaking of Lou Reed and friends, several people (and by that I mean no one) complained about my post yesterday showing appreciation for a drug-related song. Well, I AM something of a minor fan-boy of Lou and the Velvets, having several CDs, cassette tapes, and albums. Even went to a Lou Reed concert, back in the day. And that's something, I've only been to three rock music concerts! Plus one Ska performance.

My friend had a Lear 8-track stereo in his MG-TD. We used to blast through the neighborhood playing White Heat/White Light at quite a volume. I didn't care for it much, then, but eventually grew appreciate it, as I was sucked into the dark vortex of the hippy-dippyness of 1969-1970.

Repetition breeds!

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