Sunday, March 30, 2008


I was making tea this morning. While heating the water in the fabulous Sunbeam Hot Shot I poured dry milk powder in the cup, for some reason thinking I was having breakfast. I debated tossing it, but then thought back to the many English books and television shows I've seen. "Milk?", they often ask. Ok, I'll try it. Not bad!

2008MAR30Misc 001

Spring is popping out, especially noticeable after the little sprinkle we had last night.

2008MAR30Misc 009

Is that a sunflower, or is it Audrey Jr.?

I think these are the marigolds I'm growing from last year's saved seeds.

2008MAR30Misc 011

Ring about the daiseys! A ring of Gazanias around African daisies, with sunflower seeds hopefully growing in there somewhere! The mostly useless snail board sits off to one side.

Speaking of, I have been putting those iron phosphate snail killer pellets out, in deference to the the neighbor lady's turtles. I was down at Armstrong Nursery yesterday, looking for a watering can, which I couldn't find reasonably at Home Depot, Armstrong, or Target, but I digress...Armstrong DID have decollate snails. Unfortunately, I been using those pellets, so I have to wait three weeks at least before I can put out those snails. I really want to try them, but I fear they will be gone from the store before then. I COULD order them from Mary's GoodSnails, but you know how I am about this internet stuff...

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