Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Of Glass, And Measuring Cups, And Teeth

My jaw seems to have picked up a nice click, what with all the dental work the last couple of weeks. Had a tooth ground off today and the temp crown laboriously attached.

But on to other things...

Most people are familiar with Pyrex®, a product of Corning Inc. since 1915. It has almost become a generic term for glass cookware, which I am sure their lawyers strive mightily to counteract! My mother always had Pyrex® cooking ware, and so that is what I grew up with.

When I went to the store to purchase a new, big, measuring cup, all they had was the unfamiliar, weird-looking, Anchor Hocking brand. Never heard of it. Didn't buy it, didn't trust the odd blue lettering.

Well, I couldn't find a Pyrex® measuring cup easily, so eventually I purchased the blue thing. I've had it quite a few years now, and it worked just fine, as a measuring cup, a cocoa mug, and lately, as a tea mug.

2008Mar19cup 001

Closeup of the arcane symbols on the bottom of the measuring cup.

2008Mar19cupbottom 002

Anchor Hocking seems to be promoting red lettering on their measuring cups now. Maybe to confuse the confused consumer? Surely not!

Now that I've the BIG UCSD mug (see yesterday's post), I can retire this puppy to its rightful use.


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