Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gar. Da. Tu.

Spent two hours trying to find out what that movie was, with the blonde guy holding something up, that was on television Sunday night, that I only saw a few minutes of.

One would think one could just set the date back a couple days on the TV Guide Listings. Oh, no.

No no no no.

You would be mistaken! It only goes back to yesterday.

Thank you so much!

Nice thing about a print edition, it doesn't disappear a couple days later.

Unless the dog eats it.

Finally found the week's movie listing, in .pdf format, on the Onion Tribunal website, SignOn San Diego. Had to text search for "Sun.", but eventually something looked likely.

It was Momento (wiki ariticle, in case you missed the movie.)

But then, YOU knew that!!

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