Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Get E-Mail

Here's a new one!

How Are You,

My name is Mrs.Yekaterina Fedoseev, personal secretary to Mr. Boris
Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the arrested Chairman/Ceo of Yukos oil and bank
Menatep SPB Russia, who is presently in jail.

I have the documents of a large amount of funds which he handed over to me
before he was detained and has been sentenced to jail for not paying Taxes
and financing political parties (The Union of Right Forces, led By Mr.
Boris Nemtsov and Yabloko, a Liberal/Social Democratic Party led by Gregor
Yavlinsky) opposed to the government of Mr. Vladimir Putin, the President
thereby leading to the freezing his finances and assets.

After searching through the books of your country’s chambers of Commerce
and industries here in Russia I am contacting you to assist me To
re-profile this fund and equally invest this fund in your country.

The total amount of these funds to be re-profiled is Forty Six Million
Dollars (USD 46,000,000.00) and you will be getting 20% for your
Assistance. I shall furnish you with necessary information’s and my
identifications as soon I receive your acceptance which should be sent to
my private Email box:

Yours sincerely,

Mrs.Yekaterina Fedoseev

NB: I advice you read more of this ordeal from:

Chambers of Commerce? Me? The Leftist Commie-Liberal Rantings guy?

Oh, and apparently my PayPal account is frozen again. How sad!


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