Monday, January 26, 2009

The Big Trip -- Day Two Redux

We wandered around Seaside looking at stuff like the cemetery, houses I once lived in, schools, and places I frequented in a former life.

I remember this old building as a grocery store when I was little, now it's a "Super Mercado"!

2009Jan Grocery Store 069

We went over to the Dennis the Menace Park and looked around. It's pretty neat, but all the old play equipment that I remember is long gone. I can't even find any pictures on the web, but one old postcard. Sad. The locomotive is still there, happily!

2009Jan Dennis The Menace Park  074

The ducks are still at the duck pond. But they seem larger, somehow...

2009Jan Duck Pond 076

We then headed out to Point Pinos to look at the lighthouse and the sunset, along with everyone else in Monterey who wasn't otherwise occupied.

2009Jan Point Pinos 085 2009Jan Point Pinos 079

The sign is for the seismic monitoring station. I have focusing issues...

I was getting hungry, so we started looking for some place to eat. Cannery row seemed a bit crowded and touristy, so we headed downtown. We walked around downtown, and of all the exotic eateries we COULD have gone to, we ended up at Roundtable Pizza! Hey, it was good, and it had a very cool mural on the wall.

2009Jan Pizza  087 2009Jan Pizza  086

After stuffing ourselves we walked over to Fisherman's Wharf. It was pretty busy for a Sunday evening, but not TOO busy. We took some pictures of some rowboats in the dark.

2009Jan Fishermans Wharf 088

A tripod might have useful here!

We had a time figuring out which building was ye olde customs house, then a bit of disagreement as to whether what I said was a bocci bowling was indeed that. But it turns out that it is. We then decided we needed some more beer. Or one of us did. We found a brewery, not sure of the name, but we are thinking it was possibly Peter B's Brewery & Restauant(enough qualifiers there?). It was pretty noisy, what with the half-dozen television screens, assorted colligiate-types, and a football game on. We sat outside where it was quiet and watch a couple guys playing chess. We drank some kind of Russian Stout Dark stuff. It was pretty stout!

We spent about a hour there, watching folks come and go, then decided we better find some place to stay for the night, so we headed off to motel row to find the waffle motel, better know as Comfort Inn.

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