Thursday, January 22, 2009

Road Rage, With Garlic

While passing through Gilroy (the Garlic Capital Of The World, don't cha know!) on Sunday we observed a road rage incident right in front of us!

A white truck passed us, then a bit later a white car zoomed up and stopped in front of him and a guy got out and started yelling, then another car came up and a woman got out, too.

2009Jan Road Rage 042

2009Jan Road Rage  043

2009Jan Road Rage  044

2009Jan Road Rage  046

This guy was easing his way out, as were we!! Hey, how come the white car has no front license plate, eh?

DISCLAIMER: All of my recollections of this incident are hazy, and as such I am a terrible witness. Maybe there wasn't any yelling. Maybe they wuz just asking directions. Don't quote me on nuthin'!!!

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