Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Food Of The Gods

One nice thing about Solvang is that you will never go hungry there, as long as you have enough lucre.

Back in the 60s we stopped for lunch and I had a big bowl of sauerkraut. It was great!

On the Big Trip we stopped there for dessert. The first thing we saw was a stork. Storks are good luck! With any luck we would find a bakery soon!

2009Jan Solvang 106

We walked around a bit, found the Big Shoe as seen on Huell Hower's television program.

2009Jan Big Shoe 107

That little girl walking away said, "Mommy, I don't fit in the shoe anymore!"

We wandered around a bit more until we found the Solvang Bakery. What a fabulous place! We each got a pastry.

2009Jan Goodies 109

I got the eclair, Matt got the cherry-powdered sugar thing. I just KNEW that was going to be a mess!

We walked around a bit more until we found a little park to sit in and consume our goodies!

That powdered sugar WAS messy!

2009Jan Goodies 110

2009Jan Goodies 111

2009Jan Goodies 112

2009Jan Goodies 113

Hans Christian Andersen had to avert his gaze...

2009Jan Goodies 114

I did NOT test my blood sugar after this debacle!

I just do not want to know...

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